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ordure n : solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels [syn: fecal matter, faecal matter, feces, faeces, BM, stool, dejection]

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From ordure, from ord ‘filthy’, from horridus ’horrid’, + -ure.


  • /'ɔ:djʊə/


  1. excrement, dung
  • 1988, Anthony Burgess, Any Old Iron
    The bowels and bladder collapsed, sheets and mattress had to be burnt at the bottom of the back garden. The body, having vulgarly shed its ordures, now turned into an ordure itself.
  • 1922, Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room, Vintage Classics, paperback edition, page 99
    Only Madame herself seeing Jacob out had about her that leer, that lewdness, that quake of the surface (visible in the eyes chiefly), which threatens to spill the whole bag of ordure, with difficulty held together, over the pavement.


excrement, dung
  • Dutch: uitwerpselen, afval



From from ord, from horridus.


  • /ɔʀdyʀ/


  1. dirt, filth, refuse, obscenity

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Human waste is a waste type usually used to refer to byproducts of digestion, such as feces and urine. Human waste is most often transported as sewage in waste water through sewerage systems. Alternatively it is disposed of in nappies (diapers) in municipal solid waste.
Human waste can be a serious health hazard, as it is a good vector for both viral and bacterial diseases. A major accomplishment of human civilization has been the reduction of disease transmission via human waste through the practice of hygiene and sanitation, including the development of sewage systems and plumbing.
Human waste can be reduced or reused through use of waterless urinals and composting toilets and greywater. The most common method of waste treatment in rural areas where municipal sewage systems are unavailable is the use of the septic tank systems. In remote rural places without sewage or septic systems, small populations allow for the continued use of "honey buckets" and sewage lagoons (see: anaerobic lagoon) without the threat of disease presented by places with more dense populations. Honey buckets are used by rural villages in Alaska where, due to permafrost, conventional waste treatment systems can not be utilised.

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BM, bowel movement, buffalo chips, ca-ca, carrion, coprolite, coprolith, corruption, cow chips, cow flops, cow pats, crap, dandruff, decay, defecation, dingleberry, droppings, dung, excrement, feces, feculence, filth, foul matter, furfur, gangrene, guano, jakes, manure, mess, movement, muck, mucus, night soil, obscenity, pus, putrid matter, rot, scurf, scuz, sewage, sewerage, shit, slime, smut, snot, sordes, stool, turd
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